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Zend Framework 2 Modules


Current Module

The article module that I have created is based on Akrabats excellent ZF2 album tutorial, besides changing the name from "Album" to "Article" I did sone more small enhancements to be able to learn how to develop Zend Framework 2 modules, mainly

Article Router Configuration

The default configuration that Akrabat hade done on his modules work great for his intended purpose, i.e. to display all different albums and to either add, edit or delete a album. However the need I have for a article module is not only to view all articles and to add, edit and delete but also be able to give access control to each individual "action" for users with the right privileges and currently I am unsure if the previous router config would allow access control per action


The default album module only displayed the title and name of a album so thee where no need for a individual ZF2 viewAction, however as a article can have much more content I needed to add a individual viewAction as well.


The ZF2 form filters that was implemented on the Album module was there to remove all HTML tags and other unsafe content, but as the ZF2 Article module main aim is to allow a flexible way to input content in to a site I needed to allow some HTML tags, a full list can of course be viewed at the GitHub Zf2 article repository.


Looking out users from some areas of the site (add, edit and delete) I ended to remove those links from any user that where not logged in.

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